Saturday, July 5, 2014

A Birthday Party

There was another event in 1975 which is worthwhile to be recorded here in this blog. Our Chinese friends, Richard and Josephine, asked us if we would mind taking their son, Joseph,  to ride the same flights with us to Taiwan and back. We told them that we would not mind. They wanted Joseph to live with their relatives there in Taipei and improve his Chinese during the summer. Joseph called Janice a few days later to ask what he could do if he really could not stand staying there with his relatives. Janice saw the situation and decided to have a birthday party at our place for his 10th birthday, to help Joseph to feel better. The pictures below were taken at the birthday party. Janice had a hard time to get the unsweetened hamburger buns which were difficult to get at that time in Taipei.b-for-josephb-for-joseph-2

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