Monday, July 31, 2017

More old pictures from Terry Ponder

Apparently, I made some mistakes in identifying some names in the pictures when I posted my last blog. The young lady with Terry was Debbie Waters and the picture was taken in the ACS office, not in the stockroom with Ann Peoples as I wrote earlier. It is bad when I not only forget what my students looked like, but I also forget how to spell their names! Getting old is not fun either! Included in Terry's email were several other pictures which I did not have, so they have not been posted in this blog earlier. I will post them here to complete the record. Two were of Dr. Nicholson in his office and the other two were of his very attractive secretary Mrs. Joan Shirley. After working there for many years, she left the Department, I believe, not too long before Nicholson retired in 1977.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Voices from the past, Terry Ponder

Just about a week ago, I had an email from Terry Ponder, who was one of my former students in the 1980s, or before. Apparently, Terry was reading this blog and realized that I did not have a picture of Mrs Lilly, who was the stockroom manager until the early 1970s. Since he had several pictures taken during that time, including one of Mrs Lilly, he offered to send them to me. Terry's email and his pictures from the past brought back more of my memories from my time at ETSU when Dr. Nicholson was the Chair. Terry and a bunch of students who worked in the stockroom used to spend quite a bit time "just chatting" in the stockroom - even when they were not working.  They enjoyed being there with Mrs Lilly, who had a warm relationship with them and always made them feel welcome.Terry did send me a few pictures from that time and I have posted them below. The first picture is of Mrs Lilly, who was the stockroom manager both when I was a student there and later when I came back as a faculty member:

The second one is of Terry with Ann People in the stockroom:
And the third is one which I posted before, a picture taken at Duke Garden when we participated in a Student Affiliate Meeting.  Terry has identified the people in the picture for me:
from left: Sarah Barron, Ann People, Anne's husband Bob, Terry Ponder, Steve Winters, Floyd Quillen, Galen Queen, Jeff Wardeska, and myself. Terry , Floyd and Galen were also basketball players on the Chemistry Department team. We won quite a number of games at the intramural competitions every year!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fiftith Wedding Anneversary for the Nicholsons

September 17th, 1982, was the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary for the Nicholsons. There was a nice reception at their church Fellowship Hall. We were invited to this get-together, where we met very few people we knew, as we did not participate in other of the church activities and their friends were not our acquaintances. Life is very dynamic, it changes quickly! After Dr. Nicholson retired from the University, I no longer saw him regularly and he seldom came to visit the department. He was very much involved with his church and family activities. While I was in his former position as Chair, I was so busy with the department affairs that I rarely had any time to pay attention to other things. A wedding anniversary did not have much weight in my mind. However, I am very glad, in retrospect, that we went to that party. The picture below was taken after the celebration. (I do not remember the name of the other lady with the four of us.) We were happy at seeing each other, as we did not have the chance to get-together with them very often.
Both the Nicholsons had hair which was as white as my hair color now! I am sure that at the time, I could not possibly imagine that sometime later my hair would change to totally white and I would have the opportunity to find this picture after Janice and myself had passed more than 50 years of our marriage! I can still see the beautiful smile on Mrs. Nicholson's face!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It was another busy Summer!

As usual, the summer months were very busy for our family. The summer of 1982 was no exception.
As I wrote in an earlier blog, Janice's Father was very ill that summer and her Grandmother had also taken a turn for the worse. So we had decided to spend some time in Winchester, Massachusetts, in order to be of help to them and to Janice's Mother. While we were there, we decided to visit the Cape for a weekend with our kids. As you can see by the pictures below, they found the Cape's salt water in the bay very cold! (The water on the ocean side was even colder!) The following pictures were taken with two sisters who lived next door to Janice's parents in their Cape house.

In August, when we drove back to Tennessee, we stopped to visit the Tangs in Queens, New York. We stayed there for a few days to get to eat theirs special dishes! I posted some pictures of this visit, including the trip to the Statue of Liberty, on an earlier post. But the following pictures were not posted at that time.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Li Jing's visit

While I was teaching at Huazhong Normal University in Wuhan,  Li Jing and her classmate Yaxi Shen were responsible for overseeing our children. One year later she came to visit us in Johnson City, during the summer of 1982. She was on her way to Graduate School at the State University of New York at Albany, and later completed her PhD at Cornell University. She eventually became an outstanding University Professor at Rutgers University. During the summer of 1982, she had quite a long visit with us. Our children still remembered her vividly and we had many places to show her in the area. We went to Watauga Lake and Roan Mountain. Certainly we also took her to the World's Fair in Knoxville (see the last picture). Since she was from the Hubei area, she knew how to play some of our "home" card games! The pictures below were taken during that visit!

Monday, July 10, 2017

!982 World's Fair

This World's Fair was held in Knoxville, Tennessee. It was known as the International Energy Exposition. As far as I know, Knoxville was the smallest city ever to hold a "Worlds  Fair". It had a sun sphere as the main symbol and as the main attraction. I took some pictures from a distance and they are  shown below. The first one was taken during the day time and the second at night during the fire-works.

The Fair was pretty well attended. There were approximately 11 million visitors during the three months of the summer. Both Janice and and I were there quite a number of times. The Civic Chorale went there to sing a concert once, but somehow I did not get a picture to remember the event! I do have some pictures which we took in front of the Chinese Exhibits. Below is one picture of Janice and myself - we certainly were very young looking!