Saturday, August 19, 2017

Stockroom Personel

One of the very important jobs for the Chairman of the Chemistry Department is to make sure that the stockroom is well stocked at all times, not only for the experiments done by students in different classes but also for the experiments being conducted by faculty. The specific solutions needed for each of the lab classes must be prepared properly before students arrive. We might have as many as four to six labs going on at the same time. Therefore, we had many student workers trained for each lab so that all students could be served in time to finish their experiment within their allotted time. The full time lab staff consisted of two people in 1982. They were Mrs. White and Mr. Jones. The person overseeing the lab was Dr. Ron Orcutt, who was also the radiation officer for the whole university. The American Medical Society required that such a position be filled before they would certify approval for the new ETSU medical school, the Quillen and Dishner College of Medicine. Dr. Orcutt was one of the few people on campus who was qualified to serve in that capacity. This arrangement, by which Dr. Orcutt had half of a position in Chemistry and the other half in the Medical School, benefited the Department for many years! At Thanksgiving time, the stockroom people hosted a dinner to share with both faculty and students who worked in the stockroom. The following pictures were taken at such gatherings:
 Mrs. White is in the center

 Mr. Jones is center left, sitting

  Dr. Orcutt is on the right side