Friday, July 11, 2014

Bai-bai (拜拜) & Ghost Month (鬼月)

“Bai” means worship in Taiwanese. The seventh month in the lunar calendar is the Ghost Month, which is celebrated by native Taiwanese as a time they “worship” the gods.They celebrated quite a bit and during that month they put food and other valuables out as a present for the gods. Then they invited a lot of people to eat and drink together. I even represented my father when I was a teen to participate in these meals. Our neighbor farmers usually celebrated during the month of August in the regular calendar. You could see them start to put out many offerings in front of their small temple, which was located right across from our front door. (See the picture below.) In the early days that was in the middle of a rice field, but it is now on the side of a small park below a highway and surrounded by  many buildings. It was clear that this was a very important part of their life, which I am sure also has brought them a “good” life over the years!


We saw many offerings displayed in front of our door and many people involved with the celebration:babybaby-3baby-4

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