Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Study Buddies

Freshmen year in Taida provided other challenges to our lives, as well. While most of our courses were not as intensive as those in the last years of high school, the one year calculus class, which covered the equivalent of 1.5 years of material found in a similar course in the US, was definitely very fast paced on a difficult subject. Everyone spent quite a bit time in dealing with it. I made two friends in the class so that we could study together every week. We not only did our exercises at the end of each chapter - every one of them, not just the assigned ones - we also did exercises from two others books in the library. We therefore spent quite a bit of time together every week. The names of these two are Ting Chen Han-sen (丁陈汉蓀)) and Cheng Ming-ye (程明怡). Both of them were staying in the student dormitory and they were always looking for outside places to eat, either restaurants or friends' homes. They were so famous that they were regarded as the King and Prime Minister of the Big-Eating Kingdom, an honorary empire. They came to my home to eat quite often. My mother had to cook unusually more food for them. And they especially liked to come to my home, as it was close to the campus and my mother's food was always plentiful and good.

The following pictures were taken on the Taida campus to remember our togetherness.

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