Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Delaware's weather is quite similar to that in Johnson City, Tennessee, where we used to live. In January, it is cold. In Taiwan, winters were really mild when we were growing up. Not only fruits were abundant, flowers were also everywhere on the island. Our backyard was full of fruit trees and flowering plants. Azaleas surrounded the small fish pond. I wish I had had, at the time, a color camera and the appreciation I have now, so that I would have a good picture to match the whole scene in my mind now. But I did not have either.

I have one picture of myself with the azaleas at my side, during the flowering season, in front my room. In the winter days of Delaware, somehow, I can imagine how much I should have appreciated more of what I had. I was really in a wonderful place to grow up. It is a picture without color, but you could imagine the bright pink color with light brown stamen in the center. How many people had this kind of experience?

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