Monday, January 24, 2011

More about Relatives

After we moved to Taiwan, quite a number of relatives followed us and moved there as well. For Mother it was the same two camps: Father's side and Mother's side relatives. This gap was never closed in my Mother's mind. She continued her explosive irritable manner against Father's relatives, and she also continued to suffer from her own emotional drain by recalling and reciting past incidents, which most others around her tried hard to forget, but could not.

The following two formal pictures represented the main characters of both families. They had nothing much to do with each other, besides knowing of the existence of the other side.

Chen Qin-zhang(陳庆章), my uncle, was in military uniform. His wife was in his front. The older lady beside my aunt-inlaw, was her relative, who took care of their three kids when we first met her at their home. We called her "chiachia". Another young man in the picture was our cousin Yao-Gao(陳耀生) whose mother was my mother's sister.

Yuan Zu-qi(袁祖起) was the handsome man in the picture. He was Xiao-gie's husband. Xiao-gie was one of three children of my father's big brother to follow my father to come out of country life to get an education in Wuhan. They had five children together in this picture.

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