Friday, January 7, 2011

Some enjoyable classes

I started to enjoy some of my classes in college during the second year at Taida. Differential Equations was taught by an old professor in the Math Department. He was a no nonsense tough teacher. No one in the class had a grade above 80 at the end of the semester. Of course, 80 meant that your semester average for all exams in the course was 80%. On the other hand, I felt that I learned quite a bit by the end of the course and I was certainly challenged. So, overall it was a good experience. Two of our classmates did not pass the course which meant that they had to repeat it before they could graduate. I also took a course in the Foreign Language Department called "Speech and Debate". It was taught by Ms Jones. The Department was famous because the majority of students in the department were female and, further, most of them were more modern and thus more beautiful - at least that was the thinking! It was a selective course and quite fun for a Chemistry major. Another extra course I took was in the Physics Department. It was the one-semester class "Classical Mechanics". A lady teacher read the text in every class we met, but the exercises we did were very interesting and challenging!

Most of our study time in sophomore year, however, was invested in Organic Chemistry. Professor Lin Yau-tan scared us with his first exam. It had no limit on the time and some people took 10 hours to finish that exam! It was pretty ridiculous. It took me more than three hours. In recalling that experience, I wonder what the purpose was! At the end of the second semester, the class had a party together at the Fu-Yaun. The following picture will give you a glimpse of how we looked.

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