Friday, January 14, 2011

Sherman Tang (汤树民)

I first met Sherman when he was playing basketball for his class at Chengkung High School. He was two years ahead of me. (His class had a very good four-eyes (with glasses) player, which was unusual . The four-eyes player was on the school team with me.) Our class teams competed fiercely that year (which was my first and Sherman's third) so all the players got to know each other pretty well. Then Sherman went to Tong-Hai University, which was established just the year he graduated from High School. Since it was a "Church University" run by foreigners, the foreign language department became instantly famous. That was Sherman's major. We only met once in a while when he came home to attend Truth Lutheran Church, which I also attended as I was singing in the choir. He also joined the Lutheran Student Center where Ms Jones was in charge. We became close friends over the years. I do not remember the occasion when we said to each other that we would be in each other's wedding. However we did just that! He came to Boston when I got married and was my best man in 1965. I was his best man when he got married in New York a couple of years later.

The picture below was taken during the period when we were at Lutheran Student Center. As you can see, we were happy together and he was a very handsome fellow already at that time!

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