Thursday, January 27, 2011

Physical Chemistry

National Taiwan University was "THE" best University on the island at that time. Yet in the courses we took while in the Chemistry Department, many professors (in chemistry and in other departments) were quite lousy. Some teachers knew their material but did not know how to deliver it. Some were just so terribly bad that it was hard to judge if they knew their stuff at all. Oh, don't get me wrong, there were some great professors, just very few in the Chemistry Department.

The toughest course in our junior year was Physical Chemistry. Our professor was Pang-kuan, who was also our Department Head. He was not an exciting teacher, but he knew the material. He enjoyed the subject, which was shown on his face. However, he was not organized; we did not get the whole picture of the main points. I liked the subject and then decided that I would pursue it further in the future. I therefore worked on my undergraduate theses under his direction.

The following pictures were taken in Physical Chemistry and Quantum Chemistry labs. We were quite serious about these subjects, but I learned very little.

This is the picture of my first Zinc emission spectrum; I still have it!

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