Friday, January 22, 2016

Portraits painted

The only time we had our children's portraits painted was in the summer of 1979. As you may know, every place with a lot of tourists usually has a lot of artists painting portraits. Provincetown was such a place. We ran into an artist, Beth Moore, who told us that she was originally from Tennessee and had settled in this resort town to make a living. I am not sure that we chose her because of that, but we were in the mood to have our children's pictures painted. So we asked her to paint both of them right then. It took quite a while. Janice and I stayed there patiently to watch her work. I took some pictures while she was painting them. Over the years, the two paintings were very much appreciated and they hung on the wall above our stairway in our Johnson City home. And they are now on the wall in the front entrance hall in our Delaware home.

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