Thursday, February 5, 2015

More Visitors

In the early spring of 1977, Janice’s Aunt Dot and her Uncle Fran (the Marduliers) came to visit us. This was Janice’s only aunt on her mother’s side. Both Dot and Fran used to spend quite a bit time with Janice and her sister and brother when they were young. They were the ones who were responsible for buying the land on Cape Cod and they helped Janice’s parents build their house there, after putting up their own place. Fran was in the Navy during the second world war and later worked for Grace Chemical in the Boston area. Janice was very close to them. They came to visit us in Tennessee only once and we were very happy to welcome them. It was in the early spring, the tulips had just came out in the front and back yards. We took them to visit our favorite place, Watauga Lake, but the visit was just too short!aunt-dotaunt-dot-2aunt-dot-3

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