Thursday, February 12, 2015

ACS meeting in New Orleans

The spring meeting of the 1977 American Chemical Society took place in New Orleans from March 20th - 25th. Both Boris and I attended the meeting. This was an important meeting for me, personally, as I was starting to get involved with ACS politics and starting to give papers and participate in oral research results. New Orleans was a beautiful place in the early spring time and it was my first time in there. The ETSU graduate school in Chemistry had many Tennessee Eastman full-time workers who enrolled in ETSU to advance themselves, both at the undergraduate and the graduate levels. My first graduate student at ETSU was such a student. Her name is Jane Adams. who did the decomposition reaction of Oxalic acid in solutions, which was first presented orally at this meeting and was eventually published in the Journal of Chemical Kinetics two years later. She and I did quite a number of experiments during the evening hours and weekends.acs-noacs-no-1acs-no-0acs-no-2

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