Monday, February 9, 2015

Good Pictures

Part of your life is always difficult to remember exactly, which gives you a chance to make up some stories. After a while, you are often able to convince yourself that the stories are true memories, especially if you like the story you created. I have some slides taken and developed  in 1977. They are quite good, but I have no memory of where or when exactly they were taken. The picture of Dean and Maria shows them looking young and cheerful. Their children, Deana and Jennifer, were happy and had just gotten up or just gone to bed. And there was Ed with the two girls in their pajamas, taken somewhere both Janice and I cannot recognize. Finally, I have a picture of our kids in the front of our house with our dog, Princess, but I am not at all sure that it is connected with the other pictures. Well, they are all good pictures!spring-2spring-4spring-5spring-3spring

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