Friday, August 19, 2011

She looks like a Chinese!

In September of 1964, just before I left Tennessee, I wrote a letter home to tell my parents that I needed to work as hard as I could until I received my PhD degree at Illinois. When Janice and I started to plan our wedding place and date, I thought that I had better let them know our plan.  I asked Janice to give me a picture of herself so that I could quickly send it to them.  I planned to take more pictures later. Janice gave me the following black and white copy of her college graduation photo. I sent it back home as soon as I could
This is the account that my sister Kai recalls of what occurred when they got the picture in Taiwan. My father stared at the picture for a long while and said “she looks like a Chinese, don’t you think”.  My mother’s comment was that “she has long ear lobes”. The Chinese believe that people with long ear lobes have good fortunes. We have enjoyed their comments ever since. 

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