Friday, August 12, 2011

First Encounter with Janice

This might be the most important encounter of my life!
 Because I started folk dancing at ETSU, when I was heading to the University of Illinois (UI) I was given “Robin” as the contact person, so that I could continue to dance as soon as arrived. That was exactly what I did. The Illini Folk Dance Society was a big group in 1964. There were more than one hundred people on any given Tuesday night when the group met. Janice was one of the better dancers in the group and I, of course, got to meet with her. Since there was always a blue eyed and blond young man following her around, I thought that they were one of the married couples.
One Tuesday night in late September, during a couples dance, Janice asked me if I could give her a ride home after the dance. I was happy to agree to that and to find out that she was not married after all. What was my first impression of Janice besides that she was a graceful dancer? She was smart and fun and, furthermore, she was delightful. I was certainly attracted to her instantly and continuously! Later, I found out that she had her own car that Tuesday night when she asked me for a ride home. I am glad that she wanted to meet me too! There is really no one superlative that I can use to describe this encounter, one which hopefully everyone has experienced once in his or her life so that the unique value of this occasion can be appreciated. 

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