Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sells Family

Margaret Sells had two brothers in Johnson City. Both were quite respected businessmen in the City. Their names were William (Bill) and George. Bill had two sons and one daughter. The older son, Frank, was the one who picked me up at the bus station. The younger son and the daughter (Marc and Carolyn) were ETSU students. They were quite busy with their friends and activities. Once in a while, I would get a message from Bill’s wife, Mrs. Louise Sells, via Marc. They had no curiosity about Taiwan as Margaret Sells had been there for quite a long time already. I joined the First Presbyterian Church choir, which was one of the better choirs in the city. Occasionally, I would join the family to eat dinner at their house on the hills of JC. The picture below was taken in 1962, when I was at their house for my first dinner there.

The Hamiltons, missionaries from Friendship Corner, Taiwan, came to Johnson City to visit once. The picture here was taken in front the house of their friends. They were living in Atlanta.  

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