Thursday, November 3, 2016

The whole family visited China for the first time!

After my trip to China in 1980, when I went by myself, I decided to take more trips there, with the whole family if possible. My feeling was that China was in the mood to open up and try to connect with the rest of the world. I believed that we should take advantage of their willingness to accept outsiders and plan to visit this enormous country while we could. So, in 1981, I made arrangements to lecture on Chemical Kinetics at Huachong Normal University in Wuhan and, after the short course, to travel with the whole family to Chungking, Xian, Beijing, and Nanjing. The trip has already been described on my web page. (Please see for details.) While in Wuhan, we did visit my mother's Normal School and took a family picture there under a Linden tree. It was still operating as a school and we were impressed! And there are two more pictures I would like to post here. They were taken at the great wall of China and they are among my favorite pictures!


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