Friday, November 11, 2016

Another Visit to Taiwan

Since we had traveled half way around the world, of course we had to stop in Taiwan on the way home! At the time, Taiwan was still very suspicious of Mainland China's intentions. This was to the degree that my father had been telling me to be very careful about getting involved with any political tendency. When we arrived Taipei, my father even made an appointment for me to meet with the "private" son of President Chiang who at the time was the second in command of the Foreign Affairs Office for the Nationalist Government. You can see how careful my father was at the time! It had been arranged for us to stay in a Visiting Professor residence so that we could more freely come and go, without worrying about our parents schedule. That was definitely very convenient for us. The first picture below was taken in front of the entrance  of the Visiting Professor residence where we stayed. The next two pictures were taken near my parents' home and the last picture was taken in their front yard.

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