Friday, November 4, 2016

Animals at East Lake, Wuhan, China

Both Margaret and Steven were old enough to enjoy the China trip in 1981. While we were teaching at the University, they had the company of a couple of graduate students who took them to visit some local places. For example, they told us about their visit to the local pool, where the Chinese Olympic competitors practice. The water was so green that they did not dare to swim in there! The University provided us with very good meals every day, but during the early summer time at that time, local fresh vegetables had not yet come out, so we had very few choices for vegetables. Margaret and Steven certainly got the chance to see how the Chinese were living, which was a very good experience for them. We went to the East Lake area to enjoy the scenic beauty quite a few times. Our children enjoyed the man-made animals there. They climbed up on them and I was happy to take their pictures!

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