Thursday, November 10, 2016

Nanking, where I started my first grade!

After Beijing, we flew to Nanjing, where I had started going to school in first grade.  I was interested to show our two children the place which held my earliest memories. We went there and enjoyed fried dumplings until we were truly full. We then went to the elementary school which I had attended. At the time when I was in school there, it was part of Central University. By 1981, it had become part of Nanjing Normal University. We met a lady teacher who had been a teacher during the time when I was there. She came and had her picture taken in front of the school. Then we went to see my former home. Of course it was much smaller than I remembered. We had lived upstairs. There was quite a bit laundry hanging outside. The pond which I remembered right in front of the yard was no longer there. I took a picture for memory's sake! Finally we went to visit a number of places in Nanjing, including Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, where our children had their picture taken to remember the occasion. There is a family joke about this visit. Whenever our children complained about their "long walk" to school every day, I would remind them that when I was in school I had a much longer walk which took a very long time! However, during this visit, our kids noticed that my "long walk" was not longer than their's - in fact it was, perhaps shorter! 

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