Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Dinners and Relationship

When you come home after seven years for a brief visit, everyone related to you and your family would like to meet with you and your new family. There was just a very limited way to do that. Most of the time we would end up meeting together in a restaurant  for lunch or dinner. Father was still working at National Taiwan University and some people there invited us to meet with them, even though we did not have much of a relationship. However, Father thought we should accept, just to be polite. That was the Chinese way! As the result of this situation, Janice and I ate out most of our lunches and dinners  at restaurants during the three months we were in Taiwan. Of course, we ate at the homes of our relatives too, but that was not usual, since at that time most homes did not have air conditioners, and restaurants were all equipped with the necessary machines.  So I have just a few pictures to show you here at relatives homes:


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