Friday, January 20, 2012

More about Cape Cod

There are a few more items which need to be included in this blog so that the picture will be more clear about the summer months we spent during those few years after Janice and I were married.

Of course we did some “fishing” there! Realistically, we did some clamming. I learned this method from Janice’s Uncle Fran. This is how you get the clams on the cape: Arrive on the beach just before low tide. Walk toward the deep end as far as you can. Use your feet with or without shoes to feel the sand and the area immediately underneath (a clam will give you some resistance). Use your feet to keep it there, then dive to get it. I would catch a bucket full within an hour. Then I learned how to open them and clean them. Janice learned how to make some chowder. Pretty cool!

Once Uncle Fran arranged us to go “trawling” with a professional fishing boat. We got up before 5am and sailed to the deep end of the bay. They went to several places where a circle of net had been placed to attract and catch fish. Once inside a circle, the men would pull the net from one side to the other, thus trapping the fish in one corner. After that they could scoop up the catch into the boat. It was quite an experience for us. We certainly had some feelings about “fishing”. Both Janice and I were happy that fishing was not our profession for different reasons. Janice could not get up that early every day. I could not stand that kind of work every day!



Another big part of our summer visits was that we saw the third generation of children started during that period. Doug and Laura Bergstein and David and Fiona Paul were born and they grew up spending summers on the Cape. Cape Cod was part of their life from the beginning! Our children would join them soon!


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