Thursday, January 12, 2012

Christmas 1968

Since Janice and I got married in 1965, we traveled to Janice’s parents’ home in Winchester, MA, near Boston, for every Christmas holiday season. We certainly enjoyed their hospitality. Janice’s father was a quiet reserved person. He enjoyed working on his own projects alone, whether he worked on his puzzles, or his photo-equipment, or his cameras. But he always enjoyed us being there. Janice mother, on the other hand, liked to make plans for our visiting schedule and made suggestions to Baba, Janice’s grandma, for our meals. Certainly she took pains to buy gifts we wanted or we needed as she saw them! 

1968 was the last year we traveled to Boston, as we planned to stop our visits when we started our own family. Since Margaret was born in 1969, we stopped our cold winter trips that year. Before the Christmas holidays in 1968, Janice had already started to decorate our own Christmas tree and we invited Dean’s family (including Deana who was born in October, 1968) and friends to visit. These pictures were taken then. Susan Hu’s mother is in the pictures with her family, along with Dean, Maria and Deana.          


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