Thursday, September 8, 2011

We took a Math Course together

In the spring of 1965, I do not remember what led us to decide that we should take a Math course together. It was  "Complex Analysis" at the graduate level. We both had the undergraduate course in Complex Variables before and perhaps we thought that we would be able to handle this course with ease. It turned out that we both struggled with this purely theoretical subject. We were trying to catch up with the professor from the beginning of the semester. Even after the final exam, we were so lost that we had no idea if we could pass the course or not. Certainly all the hours we spent at the IHOP did not give us any advantage. But who could worry about failing a course! We would be married soon! Believe it or not, we both passed the course with a "B" after we came back from our wedding! That professor was very generous!

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