Monday, September 19, 2011

Meeting the Future In-laws

When we had a break in the spring of 1965, we drove together to Winchester, near Boston, to meet my future in-laws. It was a long drive of 22 hours, but we did it without any problem. Janice's home was in a large house on a  hill. Her room, which she  shared with her sister, was in the front of the house on the second floor. I got a first-hand taste of how she grew up - very differently from me - in a vast house with plenty. There were things everywhere, from small decorative items on the tables to various things hanging on the walls. Large and small, they represented the very different backgrounds we came from.
I was trying very hard to let my future in-laws have a good impression of me at our first time meeting. Janice's Grandma started to cook dinner in the kitchen long before the dinner time. Since the cocktail party started at about four pm, everyone had a drink in their hand. I kept a glass in my hand as well. I tried only a small sip once in a while, but quickly I knew that I was going to be in trouble. After a couple of hours, with an empty stomach, I started to have problems. First I had to go to the bathroom to throw up, then more problems arose continuously and I had to stay in the bathroom. The more I tried to come out normally, the worse it got! What a first dinner with the future in-laws!
Janice's Grandma asked me if I liked her vegetable, which was peas. Of course , I  loved it! As you can imagine,  I had a lot of peas over the years later!

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