Thursday, August 12, 2010

Then and Now

My class graduated from Banqiao 56 years ago. It is a long time regardless of what human measure you use to gage time. Changes are expected. But the changes my class has experienced during those 56 years have been so huge that everyone in my class feels that we have lived in two different worlds. As an example, I will show you a few scenes of the Banqiao campus then and now, where the space remains the same, but the passage of time has made everything different! Of course, the changes in Taiwan may be more dramatic than in other places. However, our classmates have certainly seen a wide range of life styles and expectations.

Then: the gate we used to enter every day

The same gate 15 years later, you can still recognize it!

The field we used when we were out of the classroom, with one pave basketball court

The parade we did on special occasions

The classroom we used daily

Now: the gate today

Some fields, classrooms and the gym today

The parade and the band today

More classrooms with a Confucius Statue today

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