Thursday, August 26, 2010

More about this Special Song

When we were in Junior High, clearly we sang our national anthem more than any other song. Every day we sang it at least once in the morning. Just like when practicing religion, daily pray is necessary! The second most sung song was the one which I mentioned earlier: "fighting communism and resisting Soviet Russia". Besides the link at the end of last blog, you can find the words of this song in another link: or find it at: . The words are shown below:

打倒俄寇 反共产,反共产
消灭共产, 杀汉奸,杀汉奸

For people who are not used to reading Chinese, I will translate the words here below.

Defeat the Soviet Russian enemy, fight against communism, fight against communism!
Destroy and eliminate Chu and Mao, kill all spies, kill all spies!
Recover the mainland, rescue our people, rescue our people!
Obey our leader, accomplish our revolution, accomplish our revolution!
Practice the Three People's Principles, rebuild our republic, rebuild our republic!
Construct a new China, long live our republic, long live, long live our China, the republic!

It was so matter of fact, so much a part of our routine life, that I am not at all sure that we paid any attention to what the words meant to us l! The only requirement was to sing it as loud as we could, else we would have to repeat it again and again.

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