Monday, March 15, 2010


I never remember my dreams, while Janice has enough dreams to share with me, with lots of spares. My Mom had all kinds of dreams too. One dream, which was told to me many, many times, was the one my mother had just before I was born. She told the dream to anyone who wanted to listen - vividly and with pride. This is the dream of a " Pearl Snake". In this dream, a "spirit" had fallen on her, and she was impregnated with a pearl snake. What is a pearl snake? She said, the spirit told her that this snake would be very good or very bad, depending on how you raised him! So I am a " pearl snake". This is what a pearl snake looked like during his first three years:

I am not sure whether my Mother did a good job of raising me, but I know now that I am an “Ordinary Chinese”, and a very lucky one!


  1. Listening to Mom telling the past times was a great pass time when I grew up. I was attentive to those stories, and probably learned a few things that shaped my personality one way or another. My Mom loved and was extremely proud of her first born. I remember she talked with affection how she used soft cheese cloth to wash Tom's tender cute ears. Her voice was gentle, her face was soft, and her eyes sparkled with a longing for that moment when she held Tom in her arms and her fingers touched his ears.

  2. Not long after Tom learned how to walk by himself, he loved to go in and out of a (swing) door, and would announce his entrance by singing " Yi where er, tran dao lieu, Yi where er, tran dao lieu - in a little while, the boat has arrived; in a little while the boat has arrived" Mom thought he was a great singer.