Sunday, January 20, 2019

A very fast-moving event

Before the start of 1985-86 academic year, Janice and I were asked by Margaret's classmate Edith if she  could stay with us for the next school year, as her whole family was moving out of Johnson City to another state. Margaret had earlier talked to us about this possibility and seemed agreeable to the plan. Unfortunately, Margaret was away from home at camp at the time the decision had to be made. So we made the decision ourselves and Edith became part of our family for the next year. Most interestingly, we felt that the academic year went very quickly. Certainly we had more activities with more people! You can see some examples right at the beginning of the school year in our living room, from the following pictures:

There were a total of three students with Asian backgrounds in Margaret's class, but in Steven's class he was the only one. At the time there were no other students with Asian backgrounds in  the University School. When we look back at this year, we are generally very happy that Margaret had the experience to share her room with one of her friends! 

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