Saturday, February 23, 2019

The Cabin was certainly Part of our Lives!

Yes, the cabin quickly became an important part of our lives when we lived in Tennessee! We did not mind the extra work to open up in the spring time and to winterize the place before the freezing temperatures arrived. Both Janice and I enjoyed this small place with our elders and our young generation on many, many occasions. From cooking in the kitchen to swimming in the water, we were every place on these beautiful six acres! We went there mostly, of course, in the summer months, but we did visit there in the winter as well. At those times we usually did not sleep there but went to cut firewood or check on things.  Pictures of the place in the fall and spring are below:

At other times of the year, the beauty of this cabin place varied according to the weather. For example, morning fogs or winter snow changed the outlook. I have two pictures below to show some of the variety. In the first one, if you examine it closely you can see the tall mountain behind the mists. This was not a picture easy to take as the scene changed continuously.

 When the snow came down in the winter time, it provided a totally different picture! We did not experience that as much as I would have liked to, but that is the way it went!!

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