Thursday, July 9, 2015

Visiting Taiwan

In early June, 1978, we flew to Taiwan for our third entire-summer visit to my parents. Over the years, we made this kind of trip many times. The 1978 trip we remember and regard as the best overall. Perhaps it was because the children were at the right ages. Margaret was nine and Steven was seven. They were familiar with our parents, and they were used to the food, and they certainly knew all the relatives and friends. We did change some routines as we did not stay at our parents’ home, but accepted an invitation to use one of the National Taiwan University’s visiting scholar hostel homes. We just used the bedrooms there but ate most of our meals with my parents. The place was in a separate compound. We had a few neighbors, but we did not have to much interaction with them. We usually walked to my parents’ home, or took a taxi once in a while. It was quite convenient! The kids took some pictures in front of the house in the yard.visitvisitingvisiting=visiting-4

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