Saturday, July 4, 2015

Driving West

At the end of the spring semester in 1978, when our school responsibilities were finished, we started our drive to the west. Over the years, we made this driving trip many times via different Interstate highways.  Because of these kinds of trips, our kids were able to visit many states at a very young age. The reason we drove to the west was to get to the west coast so that we could fly to Taiwan from there. It was our decision to have our children spend the summer with their grandparents there every three years. We had made the trip in 1975 and this was the second time.  On this trip, we visited the Petrified Wood National Park in Arizona. And we passed through Death Valley in CA. We stopped at many very interesting rest areas too. You can see some of the pictures taken on the way!westwest-3west-5west-7west-8west-9

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