Monday, June 2, 2014

KangShan (岡 山)

This town was neither famous nor very interesting. It was a town Janice and I decided to visit because we had promised a Chinese student couple, Linda and Jackson, that we would bring their daughter back to their hands from Linda’s parents, who had been raising her in Taiwan. They had sent this young girl to the parents soon after her birth because, as full time students, they were afraid that they would not be able to care for her properly. Their parents took care of this young girl for two years and, since Linda and Jackson’s situation was getting better and since we were going back to Taiwan anyway, they asked us to bring her back to them. Janice and I decided to visit this young girl first, as we wanted her to meet our children who were closer to her age and hopefully decrease her anxiety about the coming change. It turned out to be a worthwhile trip as she played with our kids for a few hours during one afternoon. I am sure she developed a deep impression of us during those few hours. The pictures below were taken there at her home.kangsgankangshan-2kangshan-3

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