Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My beautiful Wife!

Yes, I have a beautiful wife! The word beautiful is not just to describe that she looks great - that is just the starting point. There are a lot of people who look great, but once you examine them a bit deeper, you do not see anything more. Janice is beautiful inside and out. She has a great personality, she is patient, she is willing  to work hard, she sees things clearly and she has a good idea of what is wanted. She knows what is right and always sticks to her thinking in trying to do the right thing. This does not mean that she is stubborn all the time, she realizes that some compromise is necessary in the real world. If you ask me that how I got the chance to marry her when I was so young and in graduate school, I have to tell you that it was pure luck. At the end of 1973, we had already been married for 8 years, with two youngsters at home. She had given herself up entirely for them and to give me the chance to concentrate all my time on my work. I could definitely appreciate her effort and see the beautiful side which had been hidden!janice-3janicejanice-2

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