Thursday, October 10, 2013

Christmas 1973

Kai was the only visitor from out of town on Christmas day, 1973. Both PanPan and Steven enjoyed the routine we had started on Christmas eve. We would prepare some food and drink for Santa Claus when he brought the gifts down the chimney. Then, on Christmas day, the children would open some of their gifts before they changed from their pajamas into regular clothes. It was great fun to see them getting so excited. Of course, we always took some time, later in the day, to take some pictures together. In 1973 Janice made some special clothes for the “girls” and she made matching ties for the “boys”. (Unfortunately, my picture did not get the ties clearly, but they were of the  same material as the dresses.) You can see them if you examine the pictures carefully! Janice has never duplicated this effort. Once was enough! But she loves these pictures!!xmas-73-4xmas-73-3xmas-73-5

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