Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We stopped in Los Angels too

When you try to remember something that happened forty some years ago, your memory can trick you about the details. I do remember that we stopped in Los Angels to see Yang Lin-fong and Debbie (Yuan De-bie), as they were living in Pasadena then. However, I am not sure of the other details during that stop. All the pictures in my collection from that time are in slides and they are in bunches of 36 slides dated as a group.  It is very easy to see that the slides in the same bunch were taken close to the same time, but they are not clearly identified. We flew back from Taiwan, stopped in Los Angeles, and took some pictures with our old friends, Hellene and Knut, from Illinois. It is clear that we did stop in LA after the Taiwan trip, and the other couple with the boy in the picture could very well be also from Illinois. We just do not remember who they exactly are!LosALosA-2LosA-3LosA-4

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