Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My First Teaching Job

You may have forgotten that I had an industrial research job after I got my masters degree, and I had a very good experience. Even though I was later interested in a teaching position, the job market was not very favorable for teaching positions when I was finishing my PhD degree. Therefore, I was looking for industrial jobs as well as teaching positions, just in case a teaching position was not available. In the end, I accepted two invitations each, industrial and teaching, for interviews. The industrial positions were both in the north, one in Chicago one in Racine, WS. I enjoyed both interviews. Since Janice was pregnant, she only went with me to one of those interviews even though she was invited by the industrial companies. Two academic institutions also invited me for interviews in which Janice was not invited to participate. That was the difference between industrial and academic interviews. The interview at Cleveland State University was very interesting. The chair person who invited me even made an appointment for me to meet with the Cleveland Symphony chorus director, as he had heard that I was interested in chorale singing. The second interview was with the University of Kentucky, which provided a very good schedule - not only for them to evaluate me and my academic background but for me to have the opportunity to see them as well. It turned out that it was an easy decision to us to make. Kentucky was more organized and more academic. Janice had told me earlier that she would not like to go to the deep south. Kentucky was as far south as she could stand! It is very nice to report to you that both sides were happy and I made a decision for my first teaching job!

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