Saturday, November 7, 2015

Elaine and Rolf Haug

Elaine was in the Brown Chorus with Janice. Rolf and Elaine were married in the summer of 1977 and they had settled in Rolf’s home country, Norway. In the Fall of 1978, they came to visit the USA. Liz Nowlin, who was a classmate of Elaine and Janice at Brown, and Janice made arrangements to meet Elaine’s new husband at Liz’s place in Maryland. On a beautiful Fall weekend Janice and I drove up without our children to have a mini-reunion. We visited Annapolis, MD, including the Maryland State House, and enjoyed a very nice day outdoors. It was the first time for us to meet Rolf, and it was the start of our longtime relationship for many years to follow. Rolf was learning  the rules of American Football for the first time then, along with myself, who was not much better about the rules!maryland-2maryland-4maryland-5

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