Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The Young meet the Old

At the end of our summer vacation on the Cape in 1977, we went to see Sister Anthony at her retirement convent near Boston. I believe this time was the last time we saw her and she was almost 100 years old. With us were Shari’s kids, Doug and Laura. Sister Anthony was still quite energetic and tried to talk with all the kids, asking them questions. It was quite amazing to me that she was still interested in meeting and chatting with the very young of the family. Of course, there were no common interests between them. In fact, there was really no subject I could think about on which they could converse! Is life always this way?  We took a picture together but, as we did not have an automatic  timer, Janice and I had to take turns getting the picture. The last picture was taken in front of Janice home. We have very few pictures taken there, especially with Janice’s parents.anthonyanthony-2anthony-3

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