Monday, April 20, 2015

Our Tree House

By this time, Bill and Ginger Francis had visited us in Johnson City quite a number of times. They still drove from Ohio, which was quite a distance. Not too long after this time, they retired and moved to a place in Virginia, at Harrisonburg, which was much closer. They continued to visit us from VA until they could no longer manage the driving. The exact timing I can no longer remember, but the general sequence quoted here is correct. In 1977, they came to see us and our children were very happy to show them the tree house we had built in our maple tree in the center of our back yard. It was a house where Steven and I even slept one night and we were very proud to have a place like that. Of course, we also went to the new place we had purchased at Fall Branch in Washington County - just to show them.treetree-2

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