Thursday, March 27, 2014

First Time for Steven

Our next stop was our main destination for this big trip --- Taiwan. This was Steven’s first visit to the place where I grew-up. Panpan had been there once before, but she was only a few months old in 1969. In 1972, father retired and came to visit USA and we did not go back Taiwan. So for practical purposes, this was the first time that both of our children can remember that they were there in Taiwan. We arrived in the middle of June, and, of course, my parents were there to welcome us at the airport. The weather in Taiwan was very comfortable at that time of the year. My father had already been retired for a while from his position at the University by that time, so we did not have many extra people coming to the airport to welcome us, as had happened in 1969. The pictures below were all taken right at the exit door from Custom’s at the airport. It took just a few minutes for Steven to warm up to everyone after this long and tiring trip!

 taiwan-74taiwan-74ataiwan-74b taiwan-74-c

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