Sunday, March 30, 2014

Early Morning Walk!

Just one day after we arrived at my parents’ home in Taipei, both children got up very early, without any problem, as they had some jet lag.  My father was very happy to take us out for his regular morning exercise, a walk. It was the walk he did every morning around the neighborhood and the University campus. Our children were still wearing their Disney hats and, for the first time, they saw that a lot of people were already up, many of whom were doing different types of exercises. They saw the basketball court where I used to play. Of course, they saw the classrooms where I used to attend my classes. And, of course, they got a chance to see the beautiful campus of Taida, the most prestigious University on the island. Of course, they do not now remember any of these experiences, but I am sure that they learned something which is part of the early education they experienced. We human beings learn from many sources, and we do not know at the time what eventually becomes part of who we are. By the time we started to walk back home, the sun was just coming up in our faces, as you can see in the last two pictures.taiwan-5taiwan-3taiwan-4taiwan-1taiwan-2

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