Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Experimental Forests

The College of Agricultural at National Taiwan University maintained an  Experimental Forest in Chitoa, Zhushan near Taichang. It is a very nice piece of property inherited from the Japanese Imperial College. This was our first stop during our trip south. It contains, besides student meeting rooms, dormitory spaces with dinning rooms facilities. It even has some cabins for University VIP visitors. It has some gardens and fields of young trees. It also has a university pond, with a decorative bridge. Overall it is a very attractive place!shitoshito-2shito-3shito-4

Furthermore, it is very close to Taiwan’s tallest mountain, Ali Shan, and it’s famous old tree, God’s Wood. Kai and one of my cousins who was working at the forest were with us when we traveled nearby to visit these famous areas.arliarli-2arli-3Finally we visited another Taiwan tourist spot - Sun-Moon Lake, which is located high in the mountains, a very popular place for honeymooners!sunmoonsunmoon-2sunmoon-3sunmoonlake

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