Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Lake of the Woods

The University of Illinois was and still is a famous institution of higher learning. When we were there, we immediately learned that we were surrounded by corn fields. There were no known scenic spots around, no national or state parks, forests, wildlife preserves, etc., nearby. The only somewhat scenic spot within half an hours drive is called “Lake of the Woods”, where there are some small (very small) hills. Believe it or not, Illinois is so flat that a highway overhead exchange is considered a “hill”!. And there are some small ponds with beautiful trees scattered in the area. There was a pavilion with tables and chairs for a group get-together, so that the Folk Dance group could use it for retreats and workshops.

We loved this place! Whenever we had visitors, we took them there. The following picture was taken there with Janice’s friends who were her Brown University dorm mates: Elizabeth and Elaine, and Elaine’s friend, Judy.lake-of-woodslake-of-woods-2

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