Saturday, October 15, 2011

Our First Trip

At about 4:30pm, Janice and I left our guests to start our first trip together. Janice wanted to show me their summer place on Cape Cod. Since the house was not yet open for the season we stayed in a motel nearby for one night. Then Janice showed me the their place the next day. It was still a bit cold there, I took quite a number of pictures of her favorite place.

We stopped at Newport, RI, the next day. We also visited some beautiful beach houses there. Then it started to rain...
We kept driving south searching for some warm dry place. And finally we stopped again at Atlantic City. We visited several places there. Then we started to drive back to Illinois. We did not want to pass through Virginia, since we were told that the law there forbidding a white person to marry a yellow race person was still on the books. We were not interested in testing to see if it was still in effect!

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