Friday, April 29, 2011

Chiang Wei-kuo (蔣緯國)

Chiang Wei-kuo was Chiang Kai-Shek's adopted son. There is an interesting story about him on the internet which you may be interested in reading. The website is My two encounters with him occurred during the year I served as a reserve officer. He was at the time the commanding general of the Armored Vehicles Regiment. The whole unit spent days to prepare for his visit. Everything had to be spick and span. We were told that he would come to check dust everywhere you could imagine. The first time he came was to give some lectures to the officers group. I was introduced to him and he patted my back and told me to be good. My impression of him was that he was young and handsome, with a small stick in his hand. He certainly possessed a look of royal nobility. The second time we had an after dinner performance party for him and I was asked to sing an English song. I was worried about getting him upset, because he spoke German, not English! That might cause unpredictable consequences. However, he did not pay much attention to my singing and all ended well!

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