Friday, January 27, 2017

Summers were very busy!

Over the years, I took a lot of pictures with many cameras, both old and new. The first camera I had was an old camera someone had left with my mother when I was in junior high school. Somehow I fixed that one and took pictures with it until I entered the university. Then I started to use Miss Jones's camera, which was brand-less as far as I was concerned. Over the years, I bought and was given many cameras of various types and makes. As long as I had something with which to take pictures I was satisfied and very happy. I might only to take one roll of pictures from January to May. But when our kids started to have more activities in the summer months, I would take ten to fifteen rolls. And when we traveled the number of pictures dramatically increased. Certainly 1981 was a year when we had so many pictures to sort out after the summer that we had to catch up with some of them many, many months later. Some of the pictures taken before May were not collected until even later. Here, I would like to show you a few pictures which I took in the spring of 1981. I like them because they were so representative of that time!

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