Monday, May 18, 2015

Christmas 1977

We usually take a Christmas picture on the 25th of December. Whoever stayed with us on Christmas eve, December 24th, would have their picture taken with us. Apparently we did not have any guests staying with us that evening in 1977. Therefore, we only had our small family together in the picture. This was a very unusual case, as we generally had a lot of people staying with us on Christmas eve. Although we might have had quite a number before and/or after the 25th, we did not have anyone outside the family that Christmas. So you only see us four below. And that year, our tree was very special as it was cut from a huge pine tree on our land in Fall Branch, which we had purchased the previous year. We used only the tip of the tree and it was not very full - only a few branches and tree needles. That is why I remember it!xmas-77-1xmas-77-2xmas-77-3

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