Sunday, November 2, 2014

Cape Cod Cabin

I call Janice’s family  house at Cape Cod a cabin, mainly because it is only used in the summer and is usually closed in the winter. It is not a cabin when you consider it’s size: four bedrooms with two baths plus dinning and living space. We have packed quite a number of people into it. There are usually more activities going on there than you might imagine. Besides swimming and walking along the beach there are always people playing croquet in the yard or Bonanza in the house! I will talk about the Cape Cod place a few times here in this blog. Our children love the place because they were always very relaxed and free of any responsibilities. There is a lot of space here with few people and houses around. The pictures below show the house, which was re-constructed after the war, over the years, by Janice’s father and friends, from an old army barracks. It faces sort-of west and has a beautiful view of the sunset on the water. The third picture I posted below was a picture with a kite on the top, which is one activity everyone has tried there and of which we never got tired. The final picture is a picture of people watching the kite flying or doing nothing, which is what we usually do when we are at the Cape house!cape-codcape-cod-3cape-kitecape-cod-2

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